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Kunjungan Delegasi Nigeria

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Kanal BC TV
Added by Kanal BC TV 31 Oktober 2018

Delegations of Nigeria pay a visit to Headquarter of Directorate General of Customs and Excise on Wednesday, 30th October 2018, in studying the implementation World Trade Organization of Trade Facilitation Agreement of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
During this occasion, Deputy Director of Regional Cooperation, Buhari Sirait presented the progress of WTO TFA implementation in Indonesia, which previously there were only three A categories to 45 A categories.
During this study visit the participants also discussed about the implementation of WTO TFA related to DGCE’s task and function namely Publication and Availability of Information, Advance Ruling, Procedures for Appeal or Review, dan Border Agency Cooperation. DGCE also had a chance to inform the delegation about the implementation of WTO TFA related to the cooperation of COMCEC Project Funding with OIC.

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